Trunki Boostapak Ready for a Play-date


Tuesday 5 May 2015

Trunki Boostapak Ready for a Play-date

trunki boostapak

I have to say that I haven't been keen to arrange play-dates for the boys. We have always had play-dates with my friends children where my friend stays to have a cuppa and a chat, but never the kind of play-dates where you leave your child and go. This is about to change as big man is getting bigger and has been invited to his first play-date. When Trunki asked if I would like to review their Boostapak I jumped at the chance. I am already a big fan of theirs and I had been discussing the need for a Boostapak with my husband. He had remained unconvinced with my talk of how handy it would be to have a spare booster for big man to have a friend over for a play date. Still unconvinced when I said how handy it would be to have one if we went abroad and hired a car. (We went to the states once and it cost a fortune hiring the car seat for the car.) He remained unconvinced when I said how good it would be if we were visiting the Grandparents and big man asked to travel in their car.

Then the Trunki Boostapak was delivered.

My husband liked it. So did I. So did big man. I had never quite understood how it worked before but it is basically a booster seat (for ages 4-11) which is a rucksak. The part that you can store belongings is under the seat. Clever!

The plastic handles fold up and will not move when the seat is being used as you have to press a button on the side to release them.

I am really impressed by the product and it now comes in a number of styles including Lotus and Hello Kitty. The star Boostapak retails at £49.99 and would be well worth the money if you have a holiday with hire cars coming up over the next few months. Now I have no excuses not to arrange a play-date for big man. Watch this space!

We were given the Boostapak for the purpose of the review but the opinions are my own.

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