Stir Crazy - I Need Your Help!


Thursday 14 May 2015

Stir Crazy - I Need Your Help!

So I wasn't going to ask you all (hoping there is more than one person reading this) for votes this time round. I have already asked for votes in the BIBs (where I didn't get through.) I'm terribly British and I hate the whole" vote for me" thing. The only problem with that line of thought is if the bulk of your readers aren't actually bloggers then how are they going to know there is even an awards ceremony that you really want to be nominated for? 

So why vote for A Strong Coffee in the MAD Blog awards? Well quite frankly I have been going stir crazy the last few weeks. The boys have been a tag team of some horrible virus, my husband has had important business things to do at work (read not been around much) and I have spent the majority of the time within the same 4 walls watching Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 and Garfield. In essence I need a night out! 

I would like to stay in a hotel room by myself and just enjoy some piece and quiet and a good nights sleep. My husband does this on a regular basis and I really don't think he appreciates it enough. 

I would like to go out for an afternoon without water bottles, raisins, baby wipes and a spare change of clothes to carry, "just in case." I might even buy a new dress (read borrow one off my sister.)
Most of all I want to be able to sit at the dinner table and chat to an interesting (hell they can be dull I really don't care) blogger where it is seen to be strange not to Instagram a picture of your plate. I have quite frankly had enough of middle man screaming that he won't sit next to little man as he is eating with his mouth open, that any other company will be a refreshing change.

So if you think my blog fits into pretty much any of the categories in the MADs then I would be oh so happy. Just to stress though, I am not pregnant (and never will be again) so that one would be a wasted vote. Having said that it would freak my husband out if he saw that in his Twitter feed so might actually come home early!  

All you need is my url which is and nominations are super simple. Just click here.

Thank you to anyone that takes the time to vote - even if I go no further, knowing I had been nominated would put a smile on my face. 

And in cringe worthy non British style:

Tots100 MAD Blog Awards

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