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Friday 29 May 2015

Sponsored Video: McDonalds Trust

As a Mother, I often worry about what is in the food that I feed my children. Should their food be organic, are there too many additives or colours? The I catch one of them picking up a sweet from the floor and wonder why I worry in the first place. Joking aside, I think it is important for adults and children to understand where there food comes from and what goes in it. This is one of the reasons that we decided to take the boys on a farm holiday earlier this year. Little man is currently proud to tell you that bacon comes from pigs. This is great, although I would rather not be reminded whilst tucking into a bacon sandwich.

This advert from McDonalds made me smile.

It shows that we sometimes make judgments without knowing the full story. Yes, I am the Mum that happily fed her boys raisins as "they are so much better than sweets." Well that was what I thought. I then went to the dentist who said they are just as bad if not worse as they stick to the teeth. But do my boys still eat raisins? Yes. Do they eat sweets? Yes. Do they have Happy Meals? Yes. Infact we had one this afternoon as a half term treat. I think this is the key. We need to teach our children what is in food and how to eat a balanced diet. Moderation is key. Whilst little man would happily eat a cheese sandwich for every meal at the moment, it is my responsibility as a mother to teach him that it is not a balanced diet.

What is your view?

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