Meal planning


Monday 18 May 2015

Meal planning

For a number of reasons I have decided that I need to start meal planning. Firstly I need to get my food bill down. I average a weekly shop of between £100-125 a week. I am sure that with some careful planning I can cut this in half.

I have started by looking through my freezer. I clearly need to run this down. My husband and I must be worried about some kind of pea shortage as I kid you not there are at least 5 half opened packets of peas in there! When I have run it down and organised it, I then need to label anything I have batch cooked. Whilst freezer surprise adds an element of excitement to dinner time, there is something disappointing about serving up bolognase when you were hoping for a chili.

So for the first time in a long time I have actually pit a rough plan of your meals this week.

Sunday  Dinner: Meat and potato pie + puff pastry + broccoli Lunch: Bacon and primula cups with toast and spinach.
Monday chicken and ham with potatoes and peas
Tuesday "freezer suprise" and rice (I am thinking it may be hunters chicken)
Wednesday Sandwhich - tuna mayo and sweetcorn
Thursday pasta and phili
Friday Creamy garlic kievs with chips/jacket potato and peas

So this is my first week and my shopping bill is around £50. I am expecting to spend another £10 on milk and bread as and when we need it. The key is will I be able to stick to it and will I find that my shopping bill is reduced on a regular basis? Do you meal plan?

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