Kinder Cheesecakes and Degustabox April Review


Sunday 17 May 2015

Kinder Cheesecakes and Degustabox April Review

Another month and another lovely selection of food from Degustabox. I have to say that I get excited knowing that my box is on its way. So what was in this months box and what did I think of it?

Veetee: I have purchased the plain Veetee rice before as I find it so handy to have some speedy rice on hand. These new flavours are a great edition to the range.

Barry's Tea: I have to confess I am no tea connoisseur. This was tea. It was fine.

Cirio: I have tried the Cirio products before and think that they are good quality tomatoes and puree.

Kinder Chocolate with cereals: These were nice but not as good as the Choco-Bons.

Kinder Choco-Bons: These were lovely. My husband wasn't keen as they have hazelnuts in, but that means all the more for me! I used these in my cheesecakes.

Kingfisher: This was in your box if you opted for the alcoholic selection. I drank it with my curry. It was OK.

Schwartz: We have tried the Balti sauce and it tasted nice and was easy to prepare. Good to have in the cupboard for when you need inspiration.

Nandos: We were sent a selection of flavours and enjoyed them all.

DeBeukelaer: These came individually packed so that you could microwave them. They tasted very sweet but I enjoyed them.

Scheckter's Organic Energy: Not to my taste.

IdrinQ: Again not my kind of drink.

These are all the products available, and it depends on whether you have opted for alcoholic or non alcoholic box, on what you will receive,

Individual Kinder Cheesecake recipe (makes 6)

Kinder Cheesecakes

12 chocolate digestive biscuits
50g butter
250g Philadelphia
80g icing sugar
100ml double cream
A packet of Kinder Choco-Bons

Crush the digestives and add the belted butter. Put into individual bowls or ramekins.

Whisk the Philadelphia, icing sugar and double cream.

Slice half of the Kinder Choco-Bons. Mix these in with the cream cheese mixture. Place this on top of the digestive bases.

Add a Kinder Choco-Bon on top of each dessert. The hardest part about this dessert is not eating all the Choco-bons as you make them.

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