Vacation or Staycation?

Monday, 27 April 2015

Vacation or Staycation?


I suppose there are worse things to be addicted to in life, but my latest addiction is to go on holiday. Some may argue that a staycation is a cheaper option but with the costs of days out and meals in the UK, I think that saving a little bit extra and going away for a week is a better alternative.

Why am I so keen on holidays? Well firstly a holiday provides quality time as a family. My husband works long hours. Too long in my opinion. I love that he loves his job, but we rarely get to sit down for a family meal or play a game together. Week nights are a blur of pick ups, after school clubs and if you are lucky Daddy will be back to read you a bed time story. Holidays are different. We get to spend time as a family. We eat together. We have fun together.

Now you could argue that we could stay at home and do these things. However, things always need doing. "Let me just mow the lawn, fix the tap, take the rubbish to the tip...." The list is endless. A week off can just turn into a week of housework and children watching TV. The quality time has disappeared. 

I suppose the most important thing to me though are the memories a holiday brings. I often reminisce with my sister and parents about the lovely holidays we took when I was young. Infact, whilst my memory of other events in my life is often hazy, the memories of our holidays are crystal. 

Grabbing the tail of Mickey Mouse on a fairground ride to have a free go. 

My sister map reading and getting the scale a bit wrong. Her short journey lasted hours! 

The best pasta ever in Italy.

The list goes on and on.

And now I have memories of my little family. 

Little man's excitement at Thomson the Dog. 

Finding eggs under chickens at the farm

Riding a camel

riding a camel in dubai

I would much rather spend my money on a break with the children than buy them more plastic that they don't need. Forgo the latest gadgets or treats for myself to have a week away. Finding a good deal is the key and sometimes waiting for last minute holidays can save money too.

And with that I am off to search the internet for a late deal for the summer. 

How important are holidays for you? Do you choose a vacation or staycation?


Written for Thomson


  1. Holidays and making family memories are so important to me. My Dad worked 2 jobs when I was little to make ends meet. I can remember every holiday we had with such fond memories, Playing Crazy golf again and again. Penny slot machines on the pier.
    We brought a Thomson Dog for Emma when she was little, left it on her bed on the last night. I will never forget her face. xx

  2. Louise Fairweather28 April 2015 at 11:59

    Ah bless! That is so sweet. better get on at my OH over the summer one!