Shaun the Sheep Trail, The Monument and some Time Travel

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Shaun the Sheep Trail, The Monument and some Time Travel

On Easter Sunday we headed to London for the day with the boys. Wow what a difference it makes no longer having a buggy! 
We started by heading to Pudding Lane to see where the Great Fire started. Big Man has been learning about it at school and my does he know a lot! We then decided to climb The Monument

The monument

It is the tallest free standing pillar. It consists of 311 steps in a rather claustrophobic staircase. We all made it to the top and took in the view before braving the climb down. 

the stairs the monument

This made me dizzy to say the least!

We then had a few hours to spare to do some Shaun the Sheep spotting. If you are a regular reader you will know that I love these walking trails and have found Paddingtons, book benches and Wenlocks. I must say I really liked the Shauns as they are a good size and easy to spot. 

shaun the sheep trail

golden shaun the sheep

If you are looking for them, there are a high concentration around St Paul's and it wasn't too busy.

We then headed to Trafalgar Square where we took a time tour bus to see the sites before ticking off one let Shaun.

We had a fantastic day out and I think I will be heading to Bristol in the Summer to spot some Shauns there!

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