Helping Children Learn To Write


Thursday 9 April 2015

Helping Children Learn To Write

learning to write

Writing has not come easy to big or middle man. I don't know the scientific reasons behind it, but I believe that boys in particular find it harder to learn to write. It has something to do with fine motor skills and muscle development. Talking to the boys' teachers, they recommended activities which would build their fine motor skills. 

Playing with Playdoh is something they particularly recommend. Other activities that are good are Lego and Hama beads. We also have some games that we have found useful. We have the children's version of operation which they enjoy playing and helps build those fine motor skills. Other games they enjoy which use tweezers are Dino Bite and Jolly Octopus.

Middle Man has found the Alpha Blocks Reading system helpful. Although the letters and words in the magazine aren't cursive which he is learning in reception, it is helping him with his letter formation. 

We have purchased triangular pencil holders to help with grip but have had limited success with these as they were quite large and didn't fit on all pencils. You can also buy triangular colouring pencils to help your child with their grip.

We have recently been sent a section of Stabilo products which I am really impressed with. 

stabilo products
Firstly they are great as they come on right and left handed styles. The grip seems to work well and they boys have been eager to use these to help improve their writing. At school they are only allowed to write in pencil and these push up ones have come in handy when doing their homework. They in left and right handed and they are marked with and L or R so you don't get confused.

right handed pen
At the end of the day it is practice that is going to help the boys the most, but having a pencil that they find comfortable to use is certainly a good starting point.
Do you have any top tips or recommendations on helping your children learn to write? 

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