Five Things You Should Not Do If You Are Drunk And On Facebook


Friday 24 April 2015

Five Things You Should Not Do If You Are Drunk And On Facebook

Note: This is more of a reminder to myself than an educational post

1. Friend request anyone. If you haven't friend requested someone before a glass of wine, you probably shouldn't after one. Old school friends, mums on the school gate, old colleagues. You might want to be nosey but beware of hitting that button.

2. Read local Facebook groups. I am sure that everyone is a member of some small/large Facebook group. They can be great sources of knowledge. If you need a recommendation for a local builder, where better to ask? If you have had a bottle of wine don't do it. Firstly you may ask a stupid question. I didn't even need a glass of wine to post the question "My Mother in Law has asked for a "pointless" board game for Christmas. Any ideas of suitable games?" Yes, I still feel a prat that I had never heard of the TV show. Also alcohol may just get you answering questions a bit too honestly. Most questions can be answered with "Google it" or "see a doctor." For example:

"What time does Sainsbury's open on Sunday?"
"Ummmm Google it"

"My child has a rash do you think I should see a doctor?"
"Ummmm if you are worried yes see a doctor!"

3. Put a status that you love your sister. I do love my sister to pieces but generally the only times I declare it to Facebook are if I have had a glass or two of wine, or I have logged in on the computer and she has put in a status for me.

4. Tell the world how you really feel. Now this one can be debatable but generally Facebook seems to like the "I am happy and look at where I have been" type posts. Airing your personal life in public can just be awkward. Especially if you wake up the next day wanting to delete it. See point 5.

5. Post photos of you and/or your mates on a mummies night out. Yes you are having a great night. Yes you are cool. Why not show everyone how fun you are? I think this explains....

Xmas Party
I have no idea who this is. It is almost definitely not me.....

What would you add?

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