Discovery Channel Toys Review


Thursday 23 April 2015

Discovery Channel Toys Review

discovery toys

Big man is a little scientist. He loves all things scientific so was more than happy to review a couple of products from Discovery. 

First up is the Double Globe Planetarium. Included in the box is the main station, a light pointer, a cd rom and two globes. Not included are the 6 batteries you require.
There are two different projections. One of the planets and one of constellations. The light pointer is good for pointing at these. The planet one also has an accompanying recording telling you about each planet.

The Cd Rom was a little disappointing with star constellations and coordinates. Maybe it would interest big man when he is older but at the age of 7 it's a bit too complicated.


I have to be honest and say that I thought big man would tire of the planetarium. It's nice enough but once you've looked at it once that's kind of it. However, big man thinks differently and was asking to put the planetarium on at bed time. I say was, as the bulb has now gone. Apparently there was a spare in the box, but I think big man and I may have been over excited unpacking it as I can't find one so I figure it may have been thrown away. I will now be purchasing a new bulb as big man has enjoyed it so much.

We were also given a digital metal detector to look review. I have no idea if real metal detectors work particularly well, but this is classed as a toy. You calibrate it by placing a metal object underneath and turning the dials as described in the manual. It appears we have metal studs under the laminate as it was constantly beeping. 

toy metal detector

We took it into the garden and it will detect metal that is in the correct region. We also took it on a beach to see if we could find anything. Unfortunately we didn't. It probably isn't the best metal detector in the world but the children have enjoyed playing with it. As an adult, the beeping can become annoying. Middle and little man are more interested in the metal detector than big man as he loses interest if he doesn't find something immediately. Both items can be purchased from Amazon.

metal detector

We were given these products for the purpose of this review but the opinions are my own

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