A Blogger's Guide To Looking After Your DSLR


Sunday 26 April 2015

A Blogger's Guide To Looking After Your DSLR

Bloggers guide to looking after your DSLR

I have to say that I am no expert with our DSLR. I really could do with some lessons on how to use it rather than just pointing and shooting. Having said that, it still does a pretty good job. I am not very good at looking after it. Here are some things that I have learnt about caring for my DSLR which may or may not be of use to you.

1. Buy a bag for it. This will keep it safe when you are at home as well as when you are out and about, especially if you have a different lenses. Chucking it in your handbag with the kids half eaten raisins isn't the best idea.

2. Don't leave it where the children can see it. I say see it rather than reach it as they will always climb to get it. It is a mystery object to them. They see how much you love it, and love taking photos of them with it. They only want a little go. Before you know it you will have close up shots of Peppa Pig on the TV and bits will have been removed from it that you will never find again. I speak from experience.

3. Ok, I know that not everyone is as into photographing their food as I am, but if like me you like to dabble in food blogging, beware of flour. The stuff seems to get everywhere. That includes your beloved DSLR. Don't tell the husband but I am forever trying to blow away flour from it. Wash and dry your hands before photographing your masterpiece.

4. Don't lose the lense cap. Seems simple right? Wrong. I swear ours has a mind of it's own. I spend as many hours a week looking for the lens cap as I do looking for my car keys. Those that know me will know that this is a stupidly large amount of time.

5. Get a cleaning kit. My husband and I were discussing whether we should get one when an e mail landed in my inbox telling me all about caring for my camera. Apparently wiping the lens with the sleeve of your jumper is not recommended. Who knew! Hopefully this will help us look after it for a little longer, providing we follow point 2 correctly.

What tips would you add?

Currys are kindly sending me a cleaning kit in exchange for sharing my tips.

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