Wednesday 11 March 2015


When I was pregnant with big man I hadn't really given a huge amount of thought about being a Mother. I was rather fixated on how the hell I was going to get a huge baby out of my body. Luckily modern medicine sorted that out for me, leaving me with a beautiful bundle of blue joy who was totally dependent on me. I had no idea what to expect.

Whilst time changes the challenges of Motherhood, the basics remain the same. A Mother is there to do the best for her children and teach them to spread their wings and fly. 

So what have I learnt about being a Mother?

1. Being a Mother is full of decisions. You have to make the right ones for you and your family.

2. Being a Mother is helping your children to learn, whilst appreciating that children have different strengths.

3. Being a Mother is remembering to check trouser pockets for stones collected on a trip to the park.

4. Being a Mother is about knowing when to give them a hug, and knowing when they really don't want one as their friends are looking.

5. Being a Mother is becoming a chauffeur to small people who have a far better social life than you do.

6. Being a Mother is spending hours maybe days of your life, sat on your driveway too frightened to go into your house as it will disturb a sleeping child who will spontaneously combust into a meltdown if you open the car door.

7. And when you are lucky enough to become a Grandmother, being a Mother means you can get your own back by feeding the grandchildren lots of sugar and giving them annoying whistles. 

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