At The Top, Burj Khalifa


Monday 2 March 2015

At The Top, Burj Khalifa

Whilst staying in Dubai we decided to take the boys up the tallest building in the world. Well up to floor 124 with a brief lift change at 125. We had pre booked tickets on their website before our stay. This needs doing as there are times slots for viewing and just turning up costs more if there is availability. Children under 4 are free so we didn't need to pay for little man. You are allowed through 10 mins before your time a slot. You then walk through screens talking through the building of the structure. There is then a video where Tom Cruise is doing some amazing stunts off the building. Next you go into a dark lift that whizzes you up the 124 floors.

There were two things that hit me about the view from the top. Firstly, you couldn't see as far as I expected. I was expecting to see The Palm. You couldn't. Infact you could only just see the Burj Al Arab in the distance.

Secondly, it really hit me how much your perspective was distorted. There were numerous small buildings which were actually large skyscrapers. They just weren't as tall as the one we were in. 

It was interesting to see and a one off experience. Apparently one where you then need to go and buy a variety of snow globes in the gift shop! Unfortunately middle men's camel in a baseball cap snow globe didn't make it a full week without him smashing it. Hey ho, we will just need to go back again. Oh and as it is number 3 on the list of place to take selfies, I took my fair share - it is probably up to number 2 now!

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