TMNT Cake Tutorial


Wednesday 18 February 2015

TMNT Cake Tutorial

When middle man decided on a TMNT cake for his Birthday, I quickly Googled foe some simple ideas. This is what I settled on and am quite pleased with the result. The good thing about making icing figures is that you can make them in advance. I started by making 4 green balls and then rolled them into a point. A sausage of colour made the turtles and then I just added eyes.

I made 2 grey discs for the sewer. I added detail to the top of the sewer by cutting out letters freehand and making a pattern using a blunt knife.

I iced the cake in blue and added the turtles.

I then cut out a skyline in black icing.

I don't have a bead maker so I rolled little balls to cover the edges of the cake.

Finally I added the top of the sewer.

Middle man was very happy with it and little man is requesting one for his Birthday now!

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