Noodle Kids Review And Giveaway


Saturday 7 February 2015

Noodle Kids Review And Giveaway

I like cooking with my boys. I tend to stick to easy things like cupcakes, biscuits and pizzas. I was therefore intrigued by Noodle Kids promising 50 fun, healthy, creative recipes the whole family can cook together.

The recipes do indeed look delicious. But also complicated. I'm not sure how well I would do at making some of them by myself let along with 3 little pairs of hands getting in the way.

I decided that we would have a go at the macaroni cheese as 1. It looked like the easiest recipe and 2. I understood the ingredients. The book is written for an American audience which is fine, but they either have a wider range of ingredients or call them different things. Some of the recipes left me Googling ingredients and I was still none the wiser as to what I should put into my online basket.

Big man was very excited to be making macaroni cheese. I was interested to find out that I should be cooking my pasta in salt water. Big man enjoyed being involved in the cooking.

I have to say that the recipe was fantastic and big man exclaimed that it was "the best ever macaroni cheese" he had ever tasted. I will be trying the ravioli next and hopefully with some more practice the recipes will become less daunting.

The book retails at £14.99 and can be purchased from amazon. I also have the chance to giveaway a copy of the book to one of my readers. Just complete the rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

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