Middle Man Turns 5


Thursday 12 February 2015

Middle Man Turns 5

I don't remember life without middle man. It may have only been 5 short years he has been with us but he has certainly made his mark. He is the most amazing person. He bounds out of school happy to see me with his "I ate all my dinner" sticker pretty much every day. He is trying so hard at school. He is even setting himself homework.

He loves Moshi Monsters and Superheros and now he loves his new room makeover. He has the most annoying Blu blu dolphin who he looks after and tells me off for being too noisy as he is trying to sleep!

As I drop him at school each morning he takes his water bottle and bookbag and then announces "there's just one more thing Mummy" as he puckers up for a kiss.

He loves to dance and I love the way he kicks his leg out and goes round in circles.

He introduces himself to everyone he meets along with the rest of his family. It certainly makes paying for shopping take a little bit longer but his charm brings a smile to everyone's face.

His last day of being 4 went really well with him getting in the golden book at school for good phonics work. He was more excited about telling me that he had eaten all his lunch.

He is the apple of my eye, but I would rather he put his apple cores in the bin. Middle man I love you to the moon and back and more.

Happy 5th Birthday my gorgeous gorgeous "nosey" boy xxxxx

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