Pineapple Under the Sea Cake Tutorial


Wednesday 7 January 2015

Pineapple Under the Sea Cake Tutorial

Pineapple under the sea cake

When most people hear the words "I'd like a Spongebob cake Mummy" they think result! Tesco do a nice Spongebob cake, I'll get that. Oh how I wish I was most people. Nope I hear those words and think, oh we bought Daddy the Spongebob cake for his Birthday, why don't I create a pineapple under the sea cake instead?

So what did I do? Well I started by caking 3 cakes, layering them and then cutting the shape. I then added frosting to the sides and frosting and cake mixture at the top. I then put it into the fridge whilst I rolled out some orange icing.
cutting a cake

I put the orange icing over the cake and then added detail with balls and long sausages of orange icing. (Sausages is the technical term I believe ;-) )

making a pineapple cake

I added further detail with a door and windows and crushed up digestives to make sand.

disgestive biscuit sand

I had prepared the green icing with CMC (this makes it go hard and gold it's shape.) I then stuck toothpicks into these so they could be stuck on the top of the cake.

making icing leaves

I added some more details and a Spongebob Happy Meal toy. I know my limitations and felt the toy was a lot easier than making an icing character.

Spongebob Cake

It wasn't too hard to do in the end and my little Spongebob fan was happy with his 7th Birthday cake which is what really matters.

blowing out candles

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