Mickey Mouse Cake Tutorial


Wednesday 14 January 2015

Mickey Mouse Cake Tutorial

Mickey Mouse Cake Tutorial

As Christmas was even more stressful than normal this year, I wanted to make a simple cake for my Dad's Birthday. I know that a Mickey Mouse Style cake isn't the obvious cake for most 70 year olds, but as we were having a break in Disneyland Paris with him it seemed appropriate.

I made a standard sponge cake and covered it in red icing. I then made red and yellow icing beads to put around the edge of the cake.

edge of cake

I then cut out some yellow circles and added these to the bottom half of the cake.

mickey mouse cake

So the cake itself was simple. The oreo Mickey that I can seen on Pintrest was much harder!

Here you need to make sure you melt some chocolate to put the lollipop stick in place.
The Oreos easily break so be careful.

making an oreo lollipop

I added Icing to the Oreo to match it with the cake. the biggest problem here is that Oreo seems to get everywhere!

mickey mouse oreo

So there was my pretty simple Mickey Cake and a Happy Dad/Grandad.

blowing out candles on cake

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