Hidden Heart Cupcake Tutorial

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Hidden Heart Cupcake Tutorial

hidden heart cupcakes

With Valentines day coming up, I decided that I would have a go at hidden heart cupcakes. they take a bit of time, but aren't too hard and I am really pleased with them.

I started by making a standard sponge mix for 24 cupcakes. I took a third of this and added some red food colouring. I then baked these in fairy cake cases. Once cooled I took a small heart cutter and pressed these into the cakes. (I then put the spare bits aside to make cake pops.)

I then set these aside in the fridge to get cold. The idea being that don't over cook when you put them back in the cakes.

I then took some larger cupcake cases and marked on the botton a line to show the direction of the heart. If you don't cut into them the right way then it wont look like a heart.

I then mixed some cocoa powder into my remaining mixture and place a spoonful into the bottom of the cake cases. Next I placed the cold pink sponge hearts into the mixture.

making hidden heart cupcakes

I then placed more mixture around the sides and the top and baked for around 10 minutes.

When they came out of the oven, they looked like this:

I have to say I doubted myself and had to cut one open to check it had worked. I was rather chuffed that it had!

I then made some butter icing and coloured it pink before piping onto the cakes and adding some chocolate hearts.


  1. Such a clever idea! Thanks for showing how its done - I've always wondered! I may have to try this for Valentines day! #Bakeoftheweek

  2. Louise Fairweather26 January 2015 at 14:01

    I had always wondered too! A lot of trouble unless it's a special occasion x

  3. They have turned out brilliantly! The colour of the pink against the brown makes them even better - Thanks so much for joining in with #Bakeoftheweek x

  4. Louise Fairweather3 February 2015 at 19:22

    Thanks - I would love to say that I had thought of that , but the kids just wanted choc cake for a change.