Bistro Chez Remy Review


Monday 12 January 2015

Bistro Chez Remy Review

bistro Chez Remy

When booking for Disneyland Paris we purchased the halfboard plus meal plan. This allows you to eat at their newest restaurant Bistro Chez Remy. It is positioned in Walt disney Studios next to the new ratatouille ride.I was keen to go on the ride and was not disappointed at all. It exceeded my expectations and I have never seen anything quite like it. The restaurant then takes the experience further by shrinking you to the size of a rat. The theming is fantastic. The reception is themed with Gustos book and cooking utensils that middle man got very excited about.

reception bistro chez remy

As you walk through to the restaurant you are told about how you are being shrunk to the size of a rat and the wallpaper design and flooring enlarges. You can spend ages looking at the detail.

tables and chairs bistro chez remy

Bistro chez remy decor

pepperpot chez remy

One thing to note is that this is a dining experience. If you want to have a quick bite to eat and then go round the park, this is not for you. It takes about 2 hours to eat a meal here. I would also recommend booking before you go as it was fully booked when we went.

The Halfboard Plus option allows you to choose from the Emile menu. To start you have a salad.

salad chez remy

For my main I chose the steak and chips which came with ratatouille.

steak bistro chez remy

For dessert I chose the Tiramasu. It was large and light and very tasty.

tiramasu chez remy

The meal also comes with a choice of soft drink.

The children's menu came with a starter of mozerella and cherry tomatoes. I thought this was lovely but my boys weren't keen as they aren't used to it.

Big man had the meatball kebab (which is the nearest to a burger and chips) and the other two both had spaghetti.

They were all pleased with dessert. After having fromage blanc myself the night before (and not being impressed) I chose them the chocolate eclair. They scoffed these!

eclair bistro chez remy

All in all the food was good but the desserts were the best. The service was a little slow for my liking. The decor was enchanting and there was always something to look at, so I would recommend a visit if you are off to Disneyland Paris.

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