A Cheaper New Year


Friday 2 January 2015

A Cheaper New Year

Family day at Wellington Country Park

This year I have decided that I am going to save as much money as I can so that I can put that money to good use on lovely days out with my boys. Building memories is important and I would much rather look back on fun times than look back at the mess in my house which is created by them having too many toys.

So how am I planning on saving some money?

1. Decluttering. When I took part in the 4 box challenge it really helped our room look tidy and now I need to go through each room in the house. The boys have lots of baby toys that are in good condition  and no longer played with so sending these off to an NCT sale will help raise some money for days out as well as benefiting the charity.

2. Checking for discount codes. Sites such as VouchaCodes.co.uk offer great discounts at a click of a button. You can get discounts on well know retailers such as Argos. When looking at purchasing online, it takes seconds to do a quick check to see if there is an offer available and I need to make sure I am taking advantage of easy ways like this to save money.

3. Buying season tickets. For places you visit often, it is a great way of saving money. This year we are planning on getting National Trust Membership as well as annual passes for Legoland and Wellington Country Park. Season tickets often come with additional member privileges such as discounts in the shops and cafes again saving more pennies.

4. Entering giveaways. These are particularly good for local attractions as there will be less entrants. Last year we were lucky enough to win tickets to Thorpe Park and to watch Dinosaur Zoo via blog giveaways which we really enjoyed.

Angry Birds at Thorpe Park

So this is my starting point. Have you got any other ideas on how I can save some more money? I would love to know if you do.

This post is in collaboration with VochaCodes.co.uk

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