Toca Kitchen 2 #playingwithfood


Thursday 18 December 2014

Toca Kitchen 2 #playingwithfood

Middle man has long been a fab of the Toca Boca apps, so when I heard that there was a new Toca Boca Kitchen app I was keen to see what it was like. In essence you get to cook for characters virtually and little man was happy to give the game a go. You can download the app here.

playing toca boca kitchen

I have always found that the boys will try much more and eat much more if they have made it themseleves. One of their favourites is pizza and we often make these. Inspired by the app we decided we would have a go at playing with food ourselves. Here is little man's cheese and ham omlette recipe

You will need:

3 eggs

This will serve one little and one big person for a light lunch.

ingredients omlette

First it is always important to wash your hands.

child washing hands

Carefully grate some cheese, being careful not to grate any of your little fingers.

grating cheese

Using a child safe knife, cut up some ham. Or tear it if you prefer.

cutting ham

It is very important for all cooks to taste their food to check it tastes good so have a little nibble if you like.


It is always good to have some fruit or vegetables in your meal so carefully chop some tomatoes for your dish.

chopping a tomato

Eggs are great but their shells are not so good. Carefully bash an egg on the side of a bowl.

cracking an egg

Then break the shell in half and throw it in the bin.

child cracking an egg

Whisk the egg with a fork and get your Mummy to melt some butter in a frying pan. get her to add the tomatoes then the egg. Then after a couple of minutes, arrange the cheese and ham as you wish on the omlette.

cooking an omlette

Now comes the best part! Eating the yummy omlette you have made.

eating an omlette

This post is sponsored by Tots100 and Toca Kitchen 2

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