Thomson Alfreso Vivaldi Caravan Review


Friday 26 December 2014

Thomson Alfreso Vivaldi Caravan Review

This summer we had a lovely week away staying at Le Clarys Plague campsite near St Jean de Monts, Vendee. We stayed in a Thomson AlFresco Vivaldi Caravan which sleeps 8. When we arrived I was taken back with how small it was. Last year we stayed at Haven Littlesea in a three bedroomed caravan and I was expecting a similar size. It was much smaller. It was fine for our family but I did wonder how the party of 4 adults 2 children and a baby coped next to us. 

Here is the lounge/dining/sofa bed for 7th/8th person. As you can see it would be extremely cosy with 8.

lounge area vivaldi

One bedroom has a double bed and then there are two twin rooms. 

twin bedroom in vivaldi

There is a toilet situated by the twin rooms and the shower and basin by the double room. 

The caravan had everything we needed and as the weather was good the small living space wasn't an issue. 

The caravan itself was looking tired, with slightly grubby curtains and stickers that had covered screws missing. 

The Thomson staff themselves were nice enough, but didn't seem to know much. I asked a simple question about the swimming pool but was told she had only been there once so wasn't sure.

If you are looking at going for the Vivaldi, it is ok but not great. If you have 3 kids I would definitely recommend a 3 bedroomed caravan rather than a 2 bedroomed one. Looking around the campsite however, the Eurocamp tents and caravans all looked the best and I would consider them in the future.

I have written this review off my own back as when it come to holidays I google everything and hope that this may be of use to anyone that does the same.

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