My Perfect Holiday #MarkWarnerMum

Monday, 8 December 2014

My Perfect Holiday #MarkWarnerMum

You may have seen that I have been taking part in the Mark Warner challenges this year, in a hope to win a holiday. However, they are also on the look out for Ambassadors and as part of their application they have asked bloggers to write about their perfect holiday.

When I was younger my perfect holiday would be one on the slopes. I find the scenery relaxing even if the skiing is energetic.


At the moment, however, I need a more relaxing holiday. Having three boys is exhausting so I need some time to relax. Of course they will only relax for so long. They are boys who are active. My perfect holiday would mean that there were activities for them to enjoy (and wear them out!)

Last year we had fun on the pedalos and big man tried out Kayaking.


We made sandcastles.

making sandcastles

We discovered nature.

hermit crabs

When asking my boys about their perfect holiday all they could focus on was food! At first I laughed that all they were thinking about was their tummy's, but then I thought.

Holidays are our family time. 

Together as 5. 

My husband works long hours and meals together are few and far between. This is probably also a factor as to why the boys were so keen on food being part of a perfect holiday. It is time when we are together. Well that and the fact that they have more ice cream than usual when we go away! I was then looking through our holiday photos and decided the obsession with food might also come from me!


Perfect holiday
Everyone wants these

How can you get all of these things in
One holiday?
Lazy days on the beach
In the sun
Diving into the pool
And enjoying time with
Your loved ones.

In the blue sea
Tennis, mountain biking, sailing
Hours of fun for all the family.

Mealtimes to suit the kids
Activities for them in the evenings
Restaurants that Mum and Dad will love
Kidz club to keep them entertained

Without stress
All inclusive or Half board
Rest and relaxation
New things to try
Everything to make a perfect holiday
Resorts that we can enjoy together as a family.

family selfie

This is my application to become a Mark Warner Ambassador in 2015.

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