Kwazi Cake Tutorial

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Kwazi Cake Tutorial

Kwazi cake tutorial

Little man is a MASSIVE Octonauts fan. There was no doubt in his mind that he was having a Kwazi cake for his Birthday this year. After having already made a monster cake, I was OK with this as I had made a tiger for big man when he was 2 so knew it wouldn't be too hard.

I started by covering a sponge cake in orange roll out icing.
To get nice edges I used a bear cutter that I had to make the eye patch and the eye.

making a kwazi cake

To make the ears, collar and hat I prepared some icing with CMC which helps it go hard.

octonauts collar

Detail seems to make the difference in a home decorated cake so I made sure the Octonauts badge was on the hat.

And at 8am on the morning of his birthday little man was blowing out his candles ready to tuck in!

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