How do you Relax?


Saturday 13 December 2014

How do you Relax?


Me time is something I need more of. Being a Mum is hard. Rushing around after other people all of the time. I actually find having me time difficult. I feel guilty. I have gym membership to get some time to myself, but to be brutally honest, at 8pm when I am being shouted at to smile by some overly happy dance instructor, it doesn't always feel like a reward.

After Christmas, little man starts pre school. I am really unsure where those 3 years went. I am going to make a point of keeping the first few sessions for me. To do as much or more likely as little as I want. Since finishing work 5 years ago I haven't had the luxury of time to myself. I need to make some time for me before I embark on the many tasks I have planned for the 15 hours a week that he will be in for. I want to get our house ship shape, continuing to declutter. I want to blog rather than having to do it all in the evenings. I want to go to the gym, again so that I might actually see my husband some nights.

For now, however, I am trying not to stress about Christmas. Santa has now located all the presents on his list and is just waiting on one last delivery. On little man's pre school visit last week I managed to wrap most of the presents. 2 whole hours of present wrapping! Can you believe it!?! I now have a new found respect for Santa's elves, they have a tough job.

I have been able to relax for a few minutes though - all in the name of blogging. Bahlsen sent me a range of their newly red packaged biscuits along with a magazine. Well we all need a break sometimes don't we?

Cup of tea and a hit of happiness

How do you make time to relax?

I was given a box of Bahlsen treats in return for writing this post.

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