Did You Have A Nice Christmas?

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Did You Have A Nice Christmas?

This has been the question that everyone seems to ask. Friends, neighbours and shop assistants. Politely I say yes and change the conversation. We did have a lovely Christmas, but one filled with sadness too. The boys lost their Nana and my husband his Mum. But more than anything she taught me to be strong. So it was Christmas as usual.

We went to the crib service at church and big man was Joseph. Middle man was a shephard who had a very annoying sheep by the name of little man. 

crib service

They then came home to sprinkle reindeer food and get together Father Christmas' treats.

The boys were more excited than ever about Father Christmas' visit. Luckily they had all been good. Little man was shouting at a not too unearthly hour of 6.30. I went in to find him sitting in bed with his stocking emptied out. Not one present undone, but he was keen to eat his satsuma. 

little man and his stocking

Then followed 2hrs of wrapping paper being torn off presents with me trying to slow everything down. Middle man wanted to know when he could build a snowman so was pretty disappointed there was no snow. I blame the movies! It wasn't until about 4 o'clock that I realised that big man hadn't had his present from us. Cue about 2 hours of me looking in my room and the loft only for my Dad to find it still siting under the tree. So for us it was a pretty quiet one this year with a new tradition made: a glass of Chambord and Processco for my Mother in Law.

Chambord and processco


  1. So very sorry for your loss...Sending love and hugs!
    Glad you managed to have a nice Christmas....x

  2. Louise Fairweather30 December 2014 at 19:26

    Thanks Kim - Happy New Year to you x

  3. I want to send you a great big hug across the miles. It is four years since we found my Mum dead on Christmas Day and my heart still breaks every year. It was also my SIL's first Christmas without her father. We both said we had to fake it till we made it for the kids and yes it hurts, but hell it is Christmas and the kid love it. MWAH

  4. So sorry to hear the sad news. that is very cute about the satsuma. my kids get a satsuma every year but they openly moan about how it is the worst present. Sending much love x