Degustabox Review and Posh Cheese on Toast


Friday 12 December 2014

Degustabox Review and Posh Cheese on Toast


This month we recieved another lovely selection Degustabox. Unfortunately when my box arrived there had been a curry sauce explosion. I spoke to the team at Degustabox who aplogised and resent a new box. The box had been packaged well so I'm unsure how the leak happened but I was very impressed in they way they handled the situation.

Kettle Chips: We had the Salsa and Mesquite flavour that survived our first box and they were really special. The Stilton and Port were lovely too. I will be ordering some of these over Christmas.

Cool Dawn Recovery: I am not really into energy drinks at the best of times but these weren't my thing at all. I had a sip and that was it. Not for me I'm afraid.

Lindor my melting moment: Lindt chocolate, need I say more? Lovely!

Kent's Kitchen. I was a little disappointed with this. It was meant to be BBQ flavour but tasted more like stir fry to me.

Branston: I didn't realise that Branston did a caramalised onion chutney. It tasted great and is perfect for a boxing day spread.

Pip Organic: Apple juice that would be good for the boys in a cafe.

Montano: I enjoyed this.

Holy Cow: This was a fantastic curry sauce and I will be looking out for these again. They are also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.

Drink me Chai: This sample was a nice extra and I really enjoyed this chai.

As I have been working for Degustabox for a year I got a little extra thank you this month which other subscribers who have been with Degustabox from the start would have also recieved. These were Baru marshmallows. A lovely treat and thank you.

baru marshmallows

If you would like to try Degustabox yourself you can use the discount code DXFP6 at the checkout to recieve a £3.00 discount off of your first box.

Posh Cheese on Toast

I often make little man cheese on toast for lunch and this is a more adult version that is simple and tasty.

Branston Caramalised onion chutney

ingredients for posh cheese on toast

Toast one side of the bread

Cut out circles with a cutter.

Add some Branston caramalised onion chutney and a piece of brie to each circle.

making posh cheese on toast

Pop under the grill to melt the cheese.

posh cheese on toast

I was given a degustabox for the purpose of this review but the opinions contained here are my own.

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