Christmas Pudding Cupcakes

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Pudding Cupcakes

Christmas Pudding Cupcakes

Last weekend was the school fete and I decided to make some reindeer cupcakes as well as some Christmas Pudding ones.These are pretty simple and you just need a round cookie cutter and if possible a holly plunger.

I started by making a batch of normal sponge cakes. I then added frosting on top so that it went into a slight point. This helps when you add the circle of brown icing, making it into a dome.

applying frosting

I then used the same cutter to make a white circle and using a sharp knife did a squiggle half way through it to make it look like the custard.

custard icing

I placed this on top of the cupcakes.

making christmas pudding cupcakes

Lastly I made holly using my holly plunger and used red icing to make berries. I then used a cake pop stick to make small indents into the icing. Simple and in my opinion much nicer than the real thing. (Sorry I am no fan of eating Christmas Pudding!)

Christmas Pudding Cupcakes

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  1. Yum!!! these puddings are making me crazy