Big man gets one over us


Tuesday 16 December 2014

Big man gets one over us

Yep you read it right. Big man had an idea and managed to get away with if for a couple of days. Often when I go to give big man a bedtime kiss I am greeted with a scene like this:

big man asleep

He usually wears pants rather than PJ's then puts on his snuggly dressing gown and falls asleep in that. More often than not there is some giant soft toy around and since Rudolph is back from the loft he has been around.

It is probably important to stress here that I am not a morning person. It takes me ages to wake up and the other week big man bounded in for a cuddle. I looked at big man in a confused way. He was dressed with his dressing gown over the top. You are dressed already I exclaimed. Beaming from ear to ear he said yes and came for a cuddle. Yes I know looking back now it was obvious but it was before 7 in the morning and therefore I wasn't thinking straight.

It wasn't until the Thursday evening that the penny dropped. I went in to kiss big man goodnight. his duvet had slipped so I went to cover him up and realised he was fully clothed and in his dressing gown. I had left him after reading his story in his boxers! Yes big man had come up with an ingenious time saving method for getting dressed in the morning.

By doing it at night!

Wot So Funee?

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