2014 Best Bits


Wednesday 31 December 2014

2014 Best Bits

If the TV show Friends can get away with doing flashback posts then so can I! I thought it would also be a good way of directing you to my favourite posts in case you had missed them.

So first up comes my post about boys. I have 3 so I like to think I am a bit of an expert. This post originated from talking to a friend with a newborn boy and how she was expecting him to be. (Note I failed to tell her that her "little girl that hates dirt" was covered in mud and loving it the last time I saw her. Dad obviously did a great job of washing those clothes quickly! So if you are expecting or have a little blue bundle of joy in your life, here are my top ten things you need to know about boys.

2014 found big man losing his first tooth and I for one was happy that she noted that big man shouldn't spend all of his coin on sweets! It also saw the time when big man came up with an ingenious way to get dressed quickly in the mornings.

Middle man made us all giggle with his girlfriend on holiday. I am in no doubt that he will end up marrying a waitress or chef. He has started school this year and his teachers home visit was rather memorable. He has also shown us his fantastic artistic skills and bought home a lot of recycling from school!

Little man has turned 3 and is continuing to be a little terror. Lets hope that changes in the New Year.

It just leaves me to wish you all a fantastic 2015!!

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