Marshmallow Fudge


Wednesday 5 November 2014

Marshmallow Fudge

marshmallow fudge

Big man likes cooking but he loves fudge even more. When I received Solo Toasted Marshmallow Creme in this months Degustabox, I decided I would have a go at marshmallow fudge with big man. If nothing else, it has proved to me that these should only be eaten as a treat as they are packed full of sugar. The consistency wasn't quite as hard as I would have liked, so I should have heated the mixture for slightly longer, but it tasted good for a first attempt.


ingredients for marshmallow fudge

1 tub of marshmallow fluff
2 cups of sugar
140ml evaporated milk
1/4lb butter
mini marshmallows

Sprinkle marshmallows onto a non stick/greased pan.

mini marshmallows in a pan

Mix the sugar, evapourated milk and half of the butter in a pan.

stirring fudge

Stir until it thickens. Then add the marshmallow fluff and remaining butter.

thickened fudge

Carefully pour the mixture over the marshmallows. It is very hot so I did this, rather than big man.

Allow to cool, cut into pieces and enjoy.

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