Making a Monster Cake: Solving A Cake Disaster.


Tuesday 4 November 2014

Making a Monster Cake: Solving A Cake Disaster.

making a monster cake

You may have noticed that I have titled this "Making A Monster Cake: Solving A Cake Disaster" rather than Monster Cake Tutorial. There is a reason for this. Mainly that I made one and learnt a lot of things along the way on how I should have done it! I therefore thought I would share my tips with you so that you don't make the same mistakes as I did. Or if you are having a cake disaster, here are some useful tips on how to fix it.

So lets start with the easy part. First I made 3 round sponge cakes and sandwiched them together with jam and Betty Crockers Vanilla frosting. So that your cakes don't stick to the pan I can highly recommend Dr Otkers Cake Release Spray.

sponge cake

I then covered the top with frosting. Here I should have popped the cake in the fridge to let the frosting harden. I could have then smoothed it easily and applied the rolled out icing with no worries if it split or was the wrong size. Unfortunately at the time I didn't know this! I put it on soft frosting, the icing split and I was ready to throw the cake away! I rolled the icing too thin, and I believe that using branded icing rather than supermarket icing can also make a difference at this stage.

I had already planned to do spots on my monster and this really helped cover a lot of problems. Big spots for big problems and the little spots just generally made the cake look better. Here a metal cutter would have given me much cleaner edges on the bigger spots than the plastic one did.

To save the bottom of the cake where the icing wasn't down to the bottom, I made lots of little pea sized balls in green and orange and placed these around.

I made cake pop eyes following my recipe. However, when putting these into the cake I made sure that the worst side was facing the back. It was going to be sitting against a wall so noone would actually see this.

So here is my finished monster. Not perfect, but hopefully not one for the Cake Wrecks site either.

monster cake

I now have a Kwazi and Spongebob cake to make and will take on the tips I have now uncovered. Have you got any tips for solving cake disasters? Of course if worse come to the worse there is always the supermarket!

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