Gone Crabbing and Cockling


Saturday 29 November 2014

Gone Crabbing and Cockling

beach in vendee

I wrote this post back in August. Unfortunately I then went and lost my memory card adapter so didn't have the photos. Anyway better late then never, here is what we got up to in France in the summer.

Last week we had a relaxed week in Vendee where we spent most of our days by the pool or at the beach. The beaches are lovely and sandy and at first glance there's not that much to see. 

But sometimes you have to open your eyes. 

I saw a man digging with a bucket, and I was transported back 25 years when my Dad took us cockling in the exact same place. We watched the man, smiled as he showed us what to do (he was speaking French so smiling was our means of communication as I am only able to ask how to get to the port) and then had a go ourselves. The cockles were found a couple on inches down. 

digging for cockles

finding cockles

Unfortunately we didn't eat them, as firstly I'm not keen on seafood and secondly I didn't want to food poison any of us. Instead we decided to re home them! We then had a look around the rocks, covered in mussels, limpets and anemones. Big man and I were in our element. 

anemones on the beach

Next we went for a paddle. At first I thought I had lost the plot when I saw a shell walk. Then I realised it was a hermit crab. I then realised there were 100's. How had I not noticed them!?! We collected them in a bucket to have a closer look before once again letting them go.

rehoming hermit crabs

Just an empty beach with sand becomes so much more when you open your eyes and explore.

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