Pampered Chef Products You Will Use

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Pampered Chef Products You Will Use

pampered chef batter bowl

I never thought I would sit around a friends house talking about the issues of cooking for the kids, once you have a child it is not long until you are invited around to one of the many home selling parties. I have to admit that I do like Pampered Chef parties. Mainly for new ideas, and it gets me out of the house for a few hours. I have been a host at one and been to several others, and have most of the catalogue. All of it is nice stuff, but do I use it all often? No. When you are sat there watching the demonstrations, you wonder how on earth you ever lived without a food chopper. You then part with the £35 and sit it in your cupboard never to be used again. So what should you buy?

Here I think the best thing is to find people that use it, and they will tell you. So I thought it might be useful to tell you my best buys. The products that I use on a daily basis (unlike the mini tart pan and dobber. When do I even make nibbles for dinner parties? That was clearly a wishful thinking purchase.)

The Classic Batter Bowl.


This is a really nice sturdy bowl that is good for pouring. I use this a lot and also have the smaller one as it came in a bundle I once bought. The large one is better. It comes with a lid but I find these warp in the dishwasher. I have just seen that there is a new improved version that they sell.

The Large Micro-Cooker


This was recommended by a friend of a friend at a show as one of her most used items. It is great for cooking veg in the microwave in minutes and has drain holes. Fine to go in the dishwasher too. Another really useful buy.

Kitchen Spritzer


Yes this is expensive at first glance but I love it. I have never been keen on using frylight, so with this I can use normal olive oil but use hardly any. You just pump it and spray.



I do like my stoneware. Once seasoned it is non stick. I think the key here is buying the right size for your family. I bought the large rectangular baker and it was the right choice. Unless you have a large kitchen you don't want to buy loads of these. The only other thing if they do take longer to cook the food, so no good if you are in a rush last minute. I do love cooking "fried" eggs in them with no oil.

The citrus press


Ok once again this is an expensive item, but I figure it is a buy once and it will last forever. All my other squeezers used to be hard work and I would end up with pips falling through. Not an essential buy, but if you are frantically looking for something that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to purchase then this could be a good option.

So there you are, there are my must haves. What are yours? Do you have a cupboard full of items that you have bought and never used? Have you any recommendations on what I should but at the next party I go too?

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