Octonauts Gup S Polar Exploration Vehicle Review


Wednesday 1 October 2014

Octonauts Gup S Polar Exploration Vehicle Review


As I have mentioned before, we are big Octonauts fans. My boys were more than excited to be offered the Gup S Polar Exploration Vechile to review. As a mother I particularly like the Gup's as they can be used in and out of the water. As this has batteries, and therefore can only be used out of the water, I wasn't sure if I would like it as much. Once I had unboxed it infront of big and middle man, however, my initial concerns were put aside as their excitement took hold. Here is a short video of them playing with it and demonstrating some of it's features.

So what do we like about the Gup S Polar Exploration vehicle? Pretty much everything! The boys were really taken with the warming tank and like that it came with a creature that they could put on it. I liked the way it lit up and played the Octonauts sounds.

Middle man checking on his sea creature in the warming station.
As you connect and disconnect the Octo-sled on the front it recognises this and tells you. Big man liked the fact that you could turn the ice drill on the front of the Octo-Sled.


The two smaller mini ski vechiles are great for resucing the sea creature from the ice block.


The only downside with the Gup S is that it only comes with Captain Barnacles. Having said this I am sure than most Octonauts fans will already have some (if not multiple)  members of the crew.


With Christmas coming up, I would certainly recommend this to anyone who has an Octonauts crazy child. In my personal opinion it is far better than the Octolab and even the Octopod which are the other two electronic Octonaurts toys that we own. It is aimed at ages 3 and up. My boys have a long list of other Octonauts products that they would like for Christmas and on the basis that they are imaginative and eductaional (trust me, they know more about marine biology than I do) I am happy to put them on Santa's list.

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Do you have an Octonauts fan? If so which is there favourite Octonauts toy?

We were sent the Gup S for the purpose of this review but all the opinions here are my own.

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