#Morningwin with belvita


Wednesday 8 October 2014

#Morningwin with belvita


I hate to admit it, but after I have blindly banged around the beside table, finding my glasses, generally the first thing I do is check my phone. It is usually to initially see what unearthly hour little man has woken me up at. Occasionally I can tell him to go back to his room, but more often than not it isn't worth going back to sleep so I send him to his room for a little play whilst I slowly come round to the idea of waking up. Of course with phone in hand the temptation to check all social media is too much. Why I do this, I am not sure. Usually everyone has been asleep too, but it is a bad habit.

Next comes breakfast. I have given up of getting the boys dressed before breakfast school as it just means I spend the next 20 minutes trying to scrub their jumpers and t-shirts from whatever breakfast cereal they have dropped all over them.

I then head to the shower, asking the oldest two to get ready for school.

Out of the shower, no one dressed for school and yet more reminders.

You may remember that middle man announced to his teacher that he would dress himself when he started school. He is better, but most mornings we are getting so late he has to have some help.

Thankfully the boys are now having school dinners which is a big #morningwin for me. I can easily get a water bottle filled, with no worries of who is getting what in their lunchbag.

30 minutes later, with a lot of coaxing we are heading out the door. I have found that walking to school usually calms me down after the stress of getting the boys ready. The boys are happy as they get to race each other and I get some fresh air and realise that life isn't as awful as it seemed a few minutes before. It is definatley my favourite #morningwin.

As a Mum of three, it can be hard work in the mornings. Sometimes I don't even have time for breakfast. This is when belvita breakfast bars come into their own as you can eat them on the move. Although of course I would rather sit down have them with a strong coffee, another #morningwin.

belvita crunchy apricot

What are your mornings like? Do they end up being a rush no matter how organised you are?

As usual I was too late to apply for the samples of belvita, but the New Apricot Crunch were on offer in Tesco so I had to give them a try. This post is an entry for #MorningWin Linky Challenge sponsored by belVita Breakfast. Learn more at http://bit.ly/belVitaUK

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