First Football Match


Thursday 23 October 2014

First Football Match

This week big man has been a star. He took good care of his brothers whilst I was poorly. He also made me a get well soon card, even if he chose to give it me whilst I was throwing up! Luckily it was only a 24hr bug and I was well in time to take him to his first school football match. When it comes to football I have to confess it isn't my thing. Infact he does after school football as it saves me having to go and watch. Standing around outside is definitely not my thing. However, he had been chosen to play for his school, so I was looking forward to go and went prepared with a bag full of snacks to keep little man entertained.

Of course within 2 minutes of arriving, little man had eaten the extensive range of snacks and was complaining that I hadn't taken more. Watching big man play was really interesting. He may not be a star scorer, but he is a team player. His excitement was infectious. It was beautiful to see him so happy. He took more of a defense role. I can't really comment on whether the team played well or not as I have no idea, but they won their matches so I would say that is a good sign. The all shook hands with the other teams at the end of each game. It was a lovely afternoon which has made me realise that maybe I need to know a little bit more about football. Now, what is the offside rule again?


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