Get Good Summer Update


Thursday 4 September 2014

Get Good Summer Update

Well where did those 10 weeks go? I set myself 5 goals 10 weeks ago and here is my update. I have to confess once again I have not done as well as I had wanted. Partly due to life getting in the way. It turns out that I am in my usual style I have managed to get a tropical food poisoning bug without going anywhere tropical! So the last few weeks have not been that successful as I haven't been up to doing that much. But what have I achieved? Well I put some colour into my garden.

I have made my own playdough and bubble dough. Both so easy to do, I wonder why I have never done it before. Tidying the house is a work in progress but I feel as though I might get there at some point. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Our bedroom is certainly tidier after I won an ottoman from Emma in Bromley. As for crafting, I have neglected that goal. But when you don't feel good you don't have the concentration to do much. I have however, got some ideas for Halloween from Pintrest so watch this space.

The goal I have done best on is cooking.

I have made  plum crumble

plum crumble

I have made some Whoopie Pies

whoopie pies

Lego Cupcakes

lego cupcakes

Mojito Style Ice lollies

mojito ice lollies

and Lemon and Chocolate Drizzle Shortbread

lemon and chocolate shortbread

So maybe my gold for the autumn should be to go on a diet!

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