5 Signs Your Child Is Watching Too Much TV


Wednesday 3 September 2014

5 Signs Your Child Is Watching Too Much TV

When I say 5 signs your child watches too much TV, I actually mean my child. Middle man to be precise. Whilst I believe that Mickey Mouse and his clubhouse friends are to thank for most of his early years learning, I do feel he watches a bit too much. Quite frankly, given the choice he would sit watching TV from morning til night. I do manage to get him out and about but the moment he is a little tired he is demanding his favourite TV shows. So what are the signs that he is watching too much TV?

1. "Can we get ......."  This generally means he wants to buy some piece of plastic rubbish that we do not want or need, but has been marketed to be the best thing ever. In fairness, big man is the worst with this one. His latest must have item is a jelly maker. "It makes jelly in seconds Mummy!" he shouts excitedly."Hmmmm you can buy it ready made you know, for the two times a year you actually eat jelly."

2. Recently we have bought a new rug for the living room. When big man was a baby, I hadn't appreciated that a shaggy cream wool rug was not the best move so we have finally ditched the raisin hiding rug, now grey rug for a new one. Strict instructions are not to drop drinks on the new rug. Big man then pipes up "Oh it doesn't matter if we do, you just need to get some Vanish Gold as it only takes 30s to removes stains" Middle man nods in agreement knowingly.

3. Middle man has so fallen for the advertisers tricks. Recently, he checked I was a girl. "Ummm yes" I replied. "You like make up don't you?" " Well I wear some I replied." "You need to get some Lelli Kellly shoes. It comes with a make up tablet and the strap has a beautiful butterfly on it that come off and you can put it in your hair."

4. "Middle man, what accent is that you are speaking in? Where have you learnt to speak like that?" I ask "Oh Sophia the First" he replies 

5. "Shall I put the garbage in the trash?" Middle man asks. "No go and put the rubbish in the bin." I answer whilst also thinking that maybe the American language isn't so bad if he does actually put his apple core in the bin rather than on the sofa as he usually does.

So there we have it, my boys listen to the TV more than they do me! Luckily big man has gone back to school today and middle man starts next week. There will be less TV for them and I will be able to go to the shops to purchase some of that Vanish Gold.

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