MND #Icebucketchallenge


Sunday 24 August 2014

MND #Icebucketchallenge

The idea is simple. Someone nominates you to have a bucket of ice cold water tipped over your head. You donate to MND. You post your video on Facebook and nominate your friends to take the challenge too. Simple right? Well you would think so wouldn't you. Not for me.

As soon as I heard about the ice bucket challenge I knew it wouldn't be long until I was nominated. My sisters friend has MND so it is a charity close to our hearts. Sure enough she nominated me and out I went to buy a bag of ice. It wasn't that warm on Friday, but I had to get it done. I put big man incharge of the ice bucket and my OH in charge of the video.

I did it. It was cold. I screamed.

"Ummmmmm" came from my OH's mouth.

"Ummmmmm what?" I barked at him. It didn't record. His phone is very unwell and he is holding out for the new i phone release. The battery had died just as I had the bucket tipped over me.

Take 2.

Change of clothes, nominations, then big man tips the water over my lap! Very cold but in the wrong place.

Take 3.

Change of clothes and we did it! And here it is.

There are not many charities that I would do the ice bucket challenge 3 times for, but MND one of them. Money needs to be raised to find treatment for this disease. If you get nominated, please give it a go. It is only cold water! Either way please consider donating (text ICED55£amount to 70070 for MND #icebucketchallenge.)

Have you done the ice bucket challenge. Did you manage it in one take? My advice? Always check recording equipment and never work with husband's or children!

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