Books About Town: Riverside Trail


Tuesday 26 August 2014

Books About Town: Riverside Trail

You know me, I love spotting Wenlocks and Gromits so was excited to hear that this year in London there are trails of book benches. On Sunday we got the train to South Bank to do their Riverside trail. Be warned it is a long walk from Waterloo to the first bench at the Globe. Then there are a few spaced out until you have a whole bunch together. The boys enjoyed it and I was really impressed with the amount of walking that middle man did. He is not usually one for walking too much. If you go to the books about town website you can download the trail map as well as a quiz sheet. To be honest I think my other half was more interested in the quiz than my children.

I was worried that the boys would lose interest as only a few of the benches are children's books, but they were happy enough looking for any colorful bench they could find.

riverside trail books about town

We also found a bonus one at Waterloo Station just as we were heading home. A lovely way to spend the day and walk along the beautiful South Bank.

bench at Waterloo

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