Summer Holiday Bucket List


Monday 21 July 2014

Summer Holiday Bucket List

inflatables in swimming pool

I can't quite believe the summer holidays are nearly here. I will be taking a step back from the blog, because quite frankly it is hard work looking after 1 1/2 children but 3 is even more tiring! I have however, got lots of stuff planned and with blog about them as an when I can. Here are some of the things I hope to do.

1. Have a water fight. When it's hot we love a water fight in the back garden so this is likely to happen more than once.
2. Look after caterpillars and butterflies. We enjoyed our caterpillars and butterflies so much last year that I have ordered some more.
3. Go to Woodside Animal Farm
4. Visit Cadbury World
5. Have lunch at Brick's restaurant
6. Have a Space themed day with lots of sparkly moon sand
7. Have a Spongebob Day
8. Camp outside
9. Make a Chinese dragon
10. Make a castle
11. Have a dinosaur themed day
12. Go along the South Bank and spot the book benches
13. make pizzas
14. Have fun at the beach
16. Toast marshmallows
17. Make whoopie pies
18. Make ice cream/lollies
19. Have a party
20. Visit Diggerland
21. Make giant bubbles and bubble snakes
22. Make moon dough and playdough

I will add to this as and when I think of something. Have you got any good ideas to keep the kids entertained?

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