Sports Day x2


Monday 14 July 2014

Sports Day x2

Over the last couple of weeks I have been to two Sport's Days. I wasn't looking forward to them, mainly as I used to hate sports day as a child. However I was pleasantly surprised and remembered that I actually liked Sports Day when I was in Infant school as it was all about the taking part and being part of a team. No one really cared who won, and that was kind of nice. Big man's was first. They started with a warm up to Happy and then rotated around the different games. Big man showed such determination with the egg and spoon and I was greatly impressed. I was infact wondering if he was somehow cheating as he was so good. However, after speaking to my husband, it appears it is some Fairweather trait, as he was very good at this as a similar age.

Middle man's sports day was in combination with his school fete. They had clearly been practising. Middle man was off to a great start and then this happened.

Some posing for the camera, followed by a wave!

Infact in every race he started well. Then he got near to us and smiled. As we cheered him on, he got slower. The more we cheered "go middle man!" The slower he got! He may not have won any races, but he stole my heart with his smiles for the camera!

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