Butlin's Skegness V Butlin's Bognor-Regis


Tuesday 22 July 2014

Butlin's Skegness V Butlin's Bognor-Regis

Skegness v Bognor-regis

If you have seen my posts about the fun we have had at Butlin's this year through the ambassador programme at Skegness and on our day trip to Bognor-Regis and are thinking of going yourself, I thought it might be helpful to do a comparison. Whilst Butlin's are essentially the same there are some things worth considering to enable you to make the right choice. So here are my thoughts.

1. Size of the complex. The site at Skegness is huge, whereas Bognor is more compact. If you have anyone in your party that finds walking a problem then Bognor might be a better choice. If you chose Skegness and you have small children a pushchair is a must.

2. Sand or Stones? The beach at Skegness is sand, the one at Bognor is pebbles. Both are nice, but worth knowing. You could build sandcastles near the sea at Bognor though.

Skegness Beach
Skegness Beach in February
Bognor beach
Bognor Regis in May

3. Swimming. The Splash Waterworld's at both sites are fantastic. I loved the one at Skegness as it has a separate toddler pool which is quieter for them. My husband preferred the one at Bognor as it has a wave machine which Skegness doesn't have.

4. Fairground Rides. There are a few more under 5's fairground rides at Bognor and it also has the Helter Skelter that is pictured in their advert. This is important to a 4 year old.

Butlin's Helter Skelter
After having complained there was no Helter Skelter in Skegness, middle man
wouldn't go on the one at Bognor! Little man liked it though!

5. Hotel or Apartment. Bognor has a choice of hotels, as well as apartments. Whilst we found our stay at the Gold Apartments at Skegness really good, the hotels at Bognor look fantastic. There are 3 to choose from and they have the benefit of extra sessions at Splash Waterworld. Even better is that there are rooms available for larger families. As a family of 5, this is a bugbear of mine, so I love the fact that both the Ocean and Wave hotel can accommodate our family.

So in conclusion which Butlin's comes out top? Well to be honest they both do. I have a slight preference towards Skegness due to the sandy beach and Splash Waterworld. My husband's preference is towards Bognor-Regis due to the smaller site and their Splash Waterworld. The kids? Well they really don't mind as it is Butlin's and therefore lots of fun.

Do you have a favourite Butlin's and if so which is it and why? I would love to know your opinions too.

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