My Love Hate Relationship with Facebook


Friday 13 June 2014

My Love Hate Relationship with Facebook

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. For a blogger that spends far to much of her time on the thing then you may think that is odd but I am sure I am not alone. I just need to get a few things off my chest. I will start with the things I hate first (when I say hate, it's more of a strong dislike. Hate is a very strong word.)

1. If you have spoken to someone once for a few minutes, you feel obliged to accept their friend request. They are not a friend, but hey it's the polite thing to do.

2. Facebook groups, OMG where do I start? I am a member of several blogging ones which are on the whole really helpful. Community ones can be great too, if people actually think before they post. FYI I do not want to see a picture of any type of rash that you or a member of your family have. See a doctor. If you want to know opening times of a shop or theme park, look at their website. If you want, send them a facebook message, you don't need to ask a few thousand local people. The Am I/Aren't I pregnant pictures of a stick that has been urinated on. There's 2 lines so yes! I honestly don't think I have ever seen one on such a post that isn't.

3. People that get offended if you haven't liked a certain photo.

4. Even worse is when people only put a photo up in order to get lots of likes and some kind of ego boost. You know the ones, they barely say a word on Facebook all year yet you'll see them in a bikini on a Caribbean holiday sipping a cocktail. If you are going to use Facebook you should either use it regularly or not at all.

5. Which brings me on to the people that you are friends with but think that they must not use it. They never put any photos on or update a status. They never comment or like any posts. Then you see them in person and they know all about what you have been up to. The silent stalkers. Again use it and share, or don't use it at all.

6. People that write the most pointless status updates ALL of the time. We have all been bored and written something just for the sake of it now and then, but when it is all the time, these people are just asking for you to hit that unfollow button. Endless countdowns to holidays."Only 321days until we go away!" References about the weather being too hot, too cold, too rainy. I am unsure what temperature they want to live at. Maybe they need some kind of thermostated tank? Then the really obvious question updates. It's the middle of the school holidays "Will Legoland be busy?" Then 2hrs later "OMG it is heaving in Legoland" then a few hours later "Stuck in traffic jam trying to leave Legoland" Arrrrggggghhhhhh what did you expect? Everywhere is busy in the school holidays. Twitter is the place you need to go. This is where people will happily tweet back to you - go there, embrace it, it is great. Please please just stop clogging up my newsfeed.

7. Which brings me onto another thing. How the hell does Facebook know what I do and don't want to read? Show me everything I have "liked" or everyone I have befriended and I will make the decision as to whether or not I want to see it or hide it.

So why then, if I dislike Facebook as much as I do, am I still on it?

1. By uploading selected photos, I  have them stored somewhere other than my computer (which could break/be stolen.) It also means my parents and sister get to see pictures of the boys regularly which I think they enjoy.

2. It is a way of keeping in touch with friends that I would have otherwise lost contact with. Lives follow different paths and you can't see all the people you want all the time. Facebook helps. I was able to message a friend from university on Friday evening to say I was thinking of her because a song was playing. That is kind of nice.

3.Sometimes, just sometimes, the "I'm having chicken kiev for tea - yummy!" post just gives you inspiration on what you should eat. But hey Instagram is a much better place for that kind of thing.

So these are my pet peeves, what are yours? I must have missed some and will be kicking myself when you tell me.

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