Butlins Bognor Regis Day Visit


Sunday 1 June 2014

Butlins Bognor Regis Day Visit

Butlins deckchair at Bognor Regis

I was really nervous about booking a day trip to Butlin's Bognor Regis through Littlebird this half term. Why? Well I was worried that I had just been caught up in the excitement of being a Butlin's Ambassador. In February we had a fun filled half term in Skegness thanks to Butlin's. When I saw a half price day trip deal to Bognor (£42.50 for a family of 5) I just really wanted to go. With the weather being uncertain I knew we would be able to have a fun filled family day come rain or shine. Something that was important seeing that my husband spent most of the last 2 weeks working away.

We set off early to get there as the tickets are on a first come first serve basis. There isn't a day visitors car park but there is a for pay and display just outside the day visitors entrance costing £6 for the day. I had expected the Bognor site to be exactly like Skegness but as it has 2 hotels the site is much more compact. This is a real bonus if you are a day guest. On arrival you are given a programme for the day listing shows you can go to. We were keen to see Titan the Robot as we had missed him at Skegness and there was also a Falconry show that caught our eye. It was fantastic seeing the boys so excited. They immediately wanted to go on the smaller fairground rides in the Skyline Pavilion.

under 5's fairground Butlins

We then headed out to the main Fairground to have a go on some of the bigger rides. When we went to Skegness, middle man had been asking to go on the Helter Skelter as he had seen it on the TV advert. As there isn't one there I was so excited about taking him on it. "ummmmmm I don't want to Mummy! I only want to do the caurosel!" So middle man didn't go on it, but little man loved it.

fairground rides at butlins

Next we ate a picnic lunch and then went in to see Titan the Robot. The kids liked him but he was great for the adults too. Very funny! Then little man fell asleep in his buggy causing us to forget about the falconry show and the bigger two had fun in the soft play.

titan the robot

You can't go to the sea side without going to the beach so we headed out of the day vistor entrance to the beach for "squash a Daddy" time. Good point to note here is that the day visitor entrance is so near to the car park you can easily go back and forth for picnics/swimming stuff.

bognor beach

At about three we took the boys to Splash Waterworld. My husband and I will argue here about whether it was better than Skegness or not, but that is another post, either way it is a fab pool which the kids loved. As with any splash style pool, there will be long queues for water slides in peak times. Exhausted we then headed for a quick play in the Bob the Builder playground before heading to the new restaurant The Diner.

The Diner

When we visited Skegness we loved our premium dining plan but it meant that it was all self service. The restaurant is a themed American Diner which is cheesy yet fun with "Monica" style waitresses and singing. Most importantly the food was good. I had read mixed reports on it and I guess that as with any new restaurant it has had a few teething problems but I can safely report that my minute steak was really good as was the rest of the food we ordered.

At 7pm we were all pretty shattered and ready to make our way home. I have no idea why I was worried about booking tickets as the whole reason that Butlin's gets so many repeat customers in my opinion is because they know what they are getting and know that it is good value. In my opinion it was an absolutely fantastic day out. We were lucky with the weather but it wouldn't have mattered if we were not.

yellow submarine at butlins bognor

We are Butlin's ambassadors this year but we paid in full for this trip and were not asked or required to write about it. I just think that if you live within an hour and a half's drive of Bognor Regis it is worth knowing about as a good value family day out.

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