BritMums Live 2014


Monday 23 June 2014

BritMums Live 2014

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Every now and then I have a bit of a blogging wobble. I question why I spend so much time blogging. So much time, but not enough. There is always so much I want to do with my blog and not enough time in the day to do it. I read as many blogs as I can, but again not as many or as often as I would like. Most of the people I see on a daily basis either don't know I blog or don't really understand why I do. This weekend however, I had 2 child free days up in London surrounded by people that get blogging. I went to BritMums Live 2014. That in itself was fantastic let alone the talks, and meeting up with the people I like to call my blogging friends. Friends who I have only ever met once or twice. But friends I interact with regularly on twitter, Facebook and their blogs.

There were lots of great talks but I had learnt from last year that you just can't do them all. I think my brain would explode. There was also the opportunity to meet brands. It was lovely to meet the guys at Butlin's and tell them how much we enjoyed our break as ambassadors this year.  I watched some cookery demonstrations from Morrisons and now have some fab summery desserts to make at out next BBQ.

It was Katy Hill who hit the nail on the head for me. As she accepted her award for Fresh Voice she talked about how taking a step back from her career was like losing a little bit of "me." That is how I feel. I thought that having left teaching 5 years ago it would get easier but it gets harder. I love my boys and wouldn't change things for the world, but being a stay at home Mum is not always easy. I have lost a little bit of me and that is why I blog. It is the little bit of me that I can still have and fit around the daily whirlwind of my family.

Saturday bought with it some great talks on video and you tube. I am now looking at producing more video content and already have loads of ideas from them. I have even upgraded ios 7. I had really been putting that off for a long time! You can subscribe to my You Tube channel here to see how I get on.

BritMums 2014

So it is now all over for another year. The biggest downside was not meeting more fantastic bloggers, there just isn't the time. See you next year BritMums Live.

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