The Reptile Show at Wellington Country Park


Monday 26 May 2014

The Reptile Show at Wellington Country Park

On Friday evening 3childrenandit came over with her gecko for me to look after over half term. I think this photo shows I was not a natural.

I was therefore determined to to face my fears when we took the children to the reptile show at Wellington Country Park this weekend.

Big man was in there straight away holding a snake.

Then came spiders, coackroaches, frogs, lizards......

I had a Tangled moment. I was not at all scared of him as he holds on tight.

And I'm wondering and wondering and wondering and wondering when will my life begin?

One of my fears with pretty much all animals is that they will run away. Big man also held a scorpion although I managed to scare him by saying it was crawling up his jacket. He continued to learn and touch the animals encouraging me to as well.

This one was particularly slimey and no prince in sight.

Right at the end little man decided that he wanted to hold a snake so big man helped him.

I had been reluctant to do anything more than stroke a snake. However, I was keen to give holding one a go. I wimped out 3 times, but then thought if my 2 and 6 year old could do it then I really should have a go. And with big man instructed to take a photo and get the thing off me as soon as possible I did it!

If you live near Reading the reptile show is back at Wellington Country Park on Friday. Definitely worth a visit.

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