The Pre School Bear

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Pre School Bear

When big man used to bring home the nursery/reception bear there was great excitement. This excitement has worn off with middle man and I doubt there will be much at all when little man reaches nursery and comes home clutching the rather mangey looking much loved class mascot.

Last week, however, middle man was over the moon that we had the nursery bear to look after. I couldn't believe our luck. For months we have had exciting things that we could have taken this bear to do, this weekend? Well nothing much planned at all. Typical!

We started off well by going to the park and letting him have a go on all the rides. I then gave him a once through in the wash which was a bit distressing for middle man but he came out a lot fresher! We took him bowling, to Legoland and then he kind of got forgotten about. To be brutally honest it is hard enough taking three boys out for the day let alone a stuffed bear. Just one more person to lose! But hey he had been busy enough to fill in his diary.

Last night I sat down to fill out his book. Oh my some parents had written essays. I could hardly muster up the will to read through it. I am unsure that any 3 or 4 year olds would sit still long enough to hear about how he had met Great Aunt Sally in London to bake biscuits. There was no way I was spending my evening writing 3 pages of A4 so I got middle man to sum up each picture in a sentence.
Bear had lots of fun at the park

Bear went bowling and he sure had fun.

I went to Legoland with Bear and we took pictures of the Star Wars guys.

Bear had fun baking, he sure had fun at my house.

So clearly middle man was convinced that the bear had had fun, even if I wasn't so sure.

I would like to add that I am well aware that the bear is wearing a pink jumperso could be a girl when I have been referring to it as a he. Just to confirm I did check the gender of the bear with middle man and he replied "Yes he is a girl Mummy." So I think that clears that up, doesn't it!?!


  1. rebecca beesley7 May 2014 at 20:25

    those bears are so much hassle for parents! I remember having to have a jam packed week with our nursery bear and take it on bike rides and shopping to buy him a new toothbrush because his had broken. #SoStressful! It looks like your bear had a lovely time xxx

  2. Louise Fairweather4 June 2014 at 20:17

    Very stressful! I don't think I'll care much by the time little man gets it